Every child has the lawful right to learn in an enabling environment. Yet, children with disabilities often find it hard to access quality education as compared to their peers. The concept of inclusive daycare intends to give an equal learning opportunity to neurodivergent children by integrating them with their neurotypical peers. But inclusive daycare also gives attention to special instructions where needed. There are big benefits for all the children learning together in this setup.

Learn by Observation

Children learn a lot from their peers in different aspects, including physical movements and speech. Repeated mimicking speeds up physical and social learning. With supplemental instructions, neurodivergent children can learn at the same rate as their neurotypical peers.

Build Peer Relationships

Neurodivergent children like those with autism sometimes lack the opportunities to develop social relationships because they don't get the opportunities to mix with their typical peers in enabling environments. In an inclusive daycare, neurodivergent children get a safe environment for interaction. The teacher protects them from ridicule and bullying, even as they sensitize neurotypical children on how to relate with their neurodivergent friends. This controlled environment is crucial for the formation of social skills for all children. Typically growing children will get the social graces of treating all people equally, which is part of emotional intelligence. In addition, children who are neurodivergent create relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. It socializes them and enables them to interact with society at large.

Better Preparation for Formal Schooling

Children who are neurodivergent will sometimes find it easier to get into an elementary school because they have had a good foundation in inclusive daycare. The language and speech development they get in inclusive daycare is very helpful in understanding what is going on in class. It also becomes easier for the teacher because they don't have to work with a clean slate. As a result, the teaching burden becomes easier, and the supplemental instruction is lighter. It also reinforces the integration of neurodivergent children since they move along the schooling system together. 

Develop Skills for Independence

Integrating neurodivergent children with neurotypical children is a big morale booster for them because they see they can do whatever the others are doing, albeit slightly different. Inclusive child care has specially crafted programs that enable all children to take part. It cultivates an urge to be more independent and gives them skills to develop that independence in different aspects of life. Are you concerned about the learning opportunities for your child? Speak to the staff at an inclusive daycare like Able Child Academy Early Learning Society